Tata has developed an SUV that will “kill” AvtoVAZ

Indians decided to compete with Togliatti?

LADA 4×4 has always been a bestseller in the Russian and world markets – it seemed that there was nothing more compact and cheaper than a Russian SUV, which is why Niva was forgiven for all its shortcomings. In 2020, such a car experienced an update and could become a leader again, but AvtoVAZ’s plans could collapse.

The fact is that the Indian company Tata has built a new SUV, code-named HBX, the presentation of which recently took place at the New Delhi Motor Show. In terms of size, the Indian Niva is located between the usual LADA 4×4 3D and Chevrolet Niva.

As for the technical parameters, the Tata HBX repeats the budget Tata Altroz ​​hatchback, built on the front-wheel-drive architecture of ALFA. Under the hood, the Niva in Indian will receive a 1.2-liter 3-cylinder engine with 86 horsepower, which is powered by a 5-position manual transmission.

After viewing photos of the pre-production Tata HBX prototype shown in New Delhi, the Indian SUV will retain the bold design inherent in the previously presented H2X concept. The interior of such a car will repeat the features of the Tata Altroz ​​interior, in which the same multimedia installation, analogue tidy scales and an identical steering wheel will appear. According to Indian experts, over time, the Tata HBX will turn into an electric car, since the chassis of the car provides for the creation of hybrids and electric vehicles.

It is worth saying that if the Indian “Niva” came to Russia, then such a car would not only complicate the life of AvtoVAZ, but would also “kill” it – such a machine has a more attractive futuristic interior and a more powerful engine, and the interior also superior to the classic LADA 4×4. The price tag is unknown, but it is unlikely that the price will be higher than the famous Russian SUV.

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