Shortly before dying, this woman was asked by the killer to state the ATM PIN page all Police uncovered the findings of a woman’s body in a burning car in the district Sukoharjo, Central Java as a case of premeditated murder. Before being found in a burning car, the victim was named Yulia (42), a resident of Baluwarti, Kliwon Market, Solo, was killed first on Tuesday (20/10/2020) evening. Apart from killing, […]

5 Facts About Yulia’s Death, Killed in a Chicken Coop, Found in a Burned Car A woman’s body was found in a burning car in the district Sukoharjo, Central Java, Tuesday (20/10/2020) evening. The victim is named Yulia (42), a resident of Gambuhan Village, Baluwarti Village, Pasar Kliwon, Solo, turned out to be a murder victim. The perpetrator, Eko Prasetyo (30), a resident of Ngesong Hamlet, Puhgogor Village, Bendosari […]

Instead of being killed in a burning car, Yulia was killed in a chicken coop

Semarang – The Central Java Regional Police said that Yulia (42) whose body was found in a burning car in Sukoharjo, was killed with a crowbar. The execution was carried out not in a car, but in a chicken coop. Director of General Criminal Investigation Central Java Police, Kombes Pol Wihastono, explained that from the […]

2 People Arrested in Connection with Yulia’s Murder in Sukoharjo

Semarang – Central Java Police confirmed that so far two people have been arrested Yulia’s murder whose body was found in a burning car in Sukoharjo. Director of the General Criminal Investigation of the Central Java Regional Police, Senior Commissioner of Police, Wihastono, confirmed that two people had been arrested in connection with them murder […]

Navalny writes to his wife, ‘you saved me from a coma’ – World

From the love letter, like the twentieth century, to the post on Instagram, which is decidedly more contemporary, the choice is almost obligatory. But the ‘juice’ remains. “Yulia, you saved me, and let them put it in neuroscience textbooks,” Navalny wrote, thanking his wife for assisting him in the darkest stage of the coma. The […]

Navalny traveling to Germany – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 22 – The plane carrying Russian opponent Aleksei Navalny, reduced to a coma due to a mysterious illness last Thursday, took off from Omsk airport for Berlin. “Alexey has been entrusted to the medical commission. Yulia is with him,” tweeted Alexei Navalny spokesperson Kira Yarmysh posting a photo of the stretcher […]