Risk of accidents: That’s how dangerous texting is while driving – Economy

Young people make less phone calls, preferring to text each other. This has a dangerous side effect: more and more drivers read or write text messages or Whatsapp while driving, drastically increasing their risk of an accident. Allianz found out. Together with the Society for Innovative Market Research, the Munich insurance company asked 1,202 people […]

How to delete a frequent contact in WhatsApp

At Tech Bit we always bring you the best tricks so that you can take full advantage of applications such as WhatsApp. We’ve shown you features to improve your privacy and set up your profile, including knowing if someone opened your account from another device, but now we’ll tell you how to remove someone from […]

New rip-off scam via WhatsApp: Free economy warns of phishing message!

Vienna (OTS) – The Free Economy yesterday received a warning about a new phishing message being distributed via WhatsApp. The news reports on open payments to the tax office that have allegedly not been settled. The senders threaten a bailiff if a certain sum is not paid in via a link. The link to an […]

WhatsApp plans to integrate its own version of ChatGPT

Meta announced the creation of a division focused on artificial intelligence February 28, 2023 11:34 a.m. Chat systems based on artificial intelligence They’ve been making a lot of noise over the past few months, with their incredible ability to hold a real-time conversation via text or voice. For this reason it is now Meta wants […]

12 rules for good communication and collaboration in the professional environment » Leadersnet

| editorial staff | 26.02.2023 Guest commentary by Tobias Stepan, founder and managing director of Teamwire GmbH. Messaging communication is popular – also in the professional environment. Texts, images and voice messages can be transmitted quickly and easily within the team. However, this can often lead to miscommunication or misunderstandings, which often have serious consequences […]

Download the Latest GB WhatsApp Apk v9.52F Clone Update, Directly Install Free!

Download the Latest GB WhatsApp Apk v9.52F Clone Update, Directly Install Free – The latest GB WhatsApp Apk v9.52F Clone application 2023 comes with a variety of interesting features that users cannot get on the original version of WhatsApp. Currently, the GB WhatsApp Apk application has appeared a lot with various versions such as GB […]

The true story of the meme man

This is the most exploited meme in the history of the telephone message application. How many times have you received a photo on WhatsApp, perhaps from a trusted person, and you confidently click on it. Boom! Appears above and below the famous ‘Whatsapp black’. The image shows a black character with a disproportionate member that […]