The video of the quarrel of the mother of the medical student with prof

He is discussing this video of a medical student from Caserta who is harshly filmed by her professor during an exam. The student bursts into tears and her mother intervenes, hence a quarrel between her and the professor. The people of social networks are divided. This is the opinion of Professor Guido Saraceni: Now that […]

Marsala, the gym open despite Covid. The fines arrive

A few days ago on Tp24 we have a blitz by the Guardia di Finanza, which surprised a gym, behind Via Vita, open despite the obligation to close it provided for by anti-Covid regulations. Inside there were a handful of customers, about ten. All have been identified. The owner of the structure was then summoned […]

Marsala, seized a gym and fined the owner

Open despite the prohibitions, with about ten people inside, probably to follow some “extraordinary” zumba or crossfit lessons. A gym was seized and its owner fined. The episode happened in Marsala. The gym was open to the public despite anti-Covid bans. The discovery was made during some checks on compliance with current legislation. The facility […]

Migrants, quarantine ship leaves Trapani and mayor revokes order

The boat left the Trapani harbor last night. Upon hearing the news, the mayor Giacomo Tranchida revoked the order that prohibited the ship from landing in port The quarantine ship Aurelia, with 273 migrants on board, left the Trapani harbor last night to head towards Augusta, in the province of Syracuse. As soon as he […]