Taipei Citizens Stupid Time if Taiwan and China War

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Condition China and Taiwan getting hotter. China has repeatedly sent military planes towards Taiwan, while its leaders have exchanged tongues and even declared they are ready for war. However, the Taiwanese said they were not worried. Two grandmothers in their 80s, Huang and Chang, for example. They started the morning by […]

“War at any moment”. China puts pressure on Taiwan again

The precursor to an invasion could be an economic downturn or growing discontent within China, according to Taipei. High-ranking diplomats from the United States and China held six-hour talks in Zurich against the backdrop of a new round of exacerbation of the situation around Taiwan. In the region, the US and Chinese military are each […]

Taiwan, new record for incursions with 52 military aircraft China – Last Hour

(ANSA) – BEIJING, OCTOBER 04 – China has carried out a new maxi foray into the skies of Taiwan by sending 52 military aircraft today that have violated the island’s aerial identification zone. This was reported by an evening update by the Taipei Defense Ministry, noting that since October 1, the day of the national […]

This man married 4 times, divorced 3 times in 37 days for paid leave Page all

TAIPEI, – One Men of Taiwan married four times, and divorced all three in 37 days for an extension holiday paid. According to local regulations, a person can get up to eight days off when they get married. The arrangement was later leveraged by the man to extend his leave time in April last […]

No More Warnings, Chinese Plane Will Be Directly Dirudal

The United States has approved the sale of the Patriot missile system to Taiwan. Photo: Reuters, TAIPEI – Taiwan’s air force is no longer willing to deploy its fleet to hunt down Chinese aircraft that violate the air defense identification zone. Reasoning to save resources, Taiwan chose to track the intruders with land-based missiles. […]

If China invades, Taiwan will last as long as it takes

TAIPEI, – Government Taiwan stressed, their military will last as long as possible if China invaded. Defense Minister Chiu Kuo-cheng, who was only appointed last month, said this in response to a joint parliamentary hearing. A number of lawmakers questioned comments made by Navy officials AS, Admiral Philip Davidson. Also read: China Accelerates Military […]