Father Dies as YouTube Content, Ria Ricis Blasphemed

Suara.com – Attitude Ric Ricci related to his recently deceased father is in the spotlight. He was blasphemed by netizens for using his father’s death as YouTube content to gain rupiah. Many regret Ria Ricis’s content on YouTube. Netizens feel sad, because instead of grieving, Ricis actually uploads 5 content a day related to the […]

The Moment of Haru Ria Ricis Kneeling at Father’s Grave

Jakarta – Since this morning, Saturday (5/6), Ric Ricci departed from Flores to Jakarta to visit the tomb of his father, Sulyanto bin Sastromartoyono, in the area of ​​Pesantren Tahfizh Daarul Quran, Tangerang. Oki Setyana Dewi first arrived at the location with the family without Ria Ricis around 13.00 WIB. Ria Ricis went straight to […]

5 Indonesian YouTubers with the Highest Earnings, Who is the Richest?

Jakarta – Guess who YouTuber Indonesia with the highest income! It is undeniable that this profession can be a wet field. Now the YouTuber profession and content creators have become a dream for young people because they not only provide creative freedom, but can also promise a good income. Unmitigated, YouTuber income can be equated […]

Ria Ricis Gives Luxury Hampers To Its Employees

Jakarta, Insertlive – On the eve of the feast Eid Al-Fitr, giving each other hampers lately many do. Hampers usually contain Eid pastries, clothes and more. The country’s celebrities also distributed hampers to relatives. One of them Nagita Slavina which gives hampers containing luxury goods to each of its employees. One of the issues in […]