Is 8 million Days Gone sold disappointing?

On the official twitter account Ghost of Tsushima more than 8 million units were celebrated yesterday (we informed in In short). The head of development responded to the joyous news of the samurai PlayStation exclusivity Days Gone. But Jeff Ross did not share the joy, but instead said that similar sales at his game were […]

Sucker Punch shows off new Ghost of Tsushima artwork for PlayStation 4

Sucker Punch y Sony present us with new illustrations of Ghost of Tsushima, the long-awaited new game from this development studio that will finally arrive on PlayStation 4 on July 17. Sucker Punch has been working on this for years open world, when i completed Infamous Second Son as well as its independent expansion Infamous […]

Discover all the keys to the Ghost of Tsushima combat system

Ghost of Tsushima will launch in a few days, on July 17, and we show you below all the clues about his combat system, thus following our series of specials around the expected title of Sucker Punch. The story of Ghost of Tsushima It is based on the Mongol invasions of the late 13th century, […]

As a samurai or “ghost” in the open game world

Sucker Punch and Sony have just released Ghost of Tsushima presented in more detail in a state-of-play video (running time: approx. 18 minutes). The developers started exploring the island of Tsushima. You could see the movement on the back of a horse and the use of the “guiding wind” as a guide through the world, […]

As a samurai or “ghost” in the open game world

the expert wrote: ? Yesterday 10:35 pm Could be 2020’s Days Gone. And that’s what I mean by not being positive. Somehow the air has been out of this console generation for years. Or from AAA games in general, almost everything just gives me a shrug. – I wanted to write that in a similar […]

Special episode of “State of Play” will air on May 14th

Sony has announced a special episode of “State of Play” that is exclusively onGhost of Tsushima(Fights, Exploration, and More) will focus on PlayStation 4. The episode will open this Thursday (May 14th) at 10pmTwitchandYouTubebe visible. The running time should be about 18 minutes. “And just to clarify: There will be no news about PS5 in […]