DART has already begun the journey to its end: crashing into an asteroid | Space

The US space agency (NASA) launched the DART (Double Asteroid Redirect Test) probe early this Wednesday, the mission that will test a strategy for defend our planet against asteroids. DART’s mission is basically to crash into an asteroid to prove that it is possible, if necessary, to divert him from his route. It is Earth’s […]

New Exoplanet Discovery, Only Three Days a Year

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A group of astronomers and researchers at the Physical Research Laboratory (PRL) in India have identified an exoplanet or planet giant exo, which only orbits a few days. The planet outside the solar system orbits only 3.2 days on its parent star. That is, the duration of a year on the […]

Astronomers Find 8 Stars That Are Hotter Than the Sun

NEW DELHI – Sun apparently not the only planet that has heat energy, an Indian team of astronomers has reportedly found eight stars that are said to be hotter than the sun. As reported by Wion News Sunday (11/21/2021), the eight stars belong to a rare class known as Primary Sequence Radio Pulse Transmitters (MRPs). […]

These are the materials and formulas for the very secret Astonot shirt design

NEW DELHI – astronaut suit specially designed to protect astronauts from damage, heat, cold, also to provide oxygen and remove excess carbon dioxide. Seeing the capabilities of these clothes, you might be curious about what astronaut suits are made of, this information may be very minimal because it is related to research and patents. READ […]