Russia fires at the Pechenegsky reservoir dam

Photo: social network Dam of the Pechenegskoye reservoir – – Local authorities report that there is a threat of dam collapse and an emergency could occur. Russian troops are hitting the Pechenegsky reservoir dam near Kharkov, which could cause an emergency. Speaking of which in shape local city council. It is reported that there is […]

Is drought in the Yangtze River urgent and Lake Poyang shrinks by 3/4 in two months? | Yangtze River | Reservoir_Sina Information

  The newspaper reporter Zhao Zuoyan Wang Yasai   Yangtze River DroughtongoingUrgent. Liu Weiping, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Drinking water Means, claimed at a push meeting on Aug.17 that the drought scenario in the Yangtze River Basin is producing promptly and the 6 provinces (metropolitan areas) of Sichuan, Chongqing, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi and Anhui have […]

Drought: US reservoir releases human remains

Macabre finds in a reservoir near Las Vegas: Due to the extremely low water level, human skeletons have repeatedly come to light at Lake Mead. In the Lake Mead reservoir near the US metropolis Las Vegas, human remains have come to light for the fourth time since May this year. After an emergency call, parts […]

America’s Lake Drought, World War II Ships Come to the Surface

Las Vegas – Drought hit Lake Mead in Nevada, USA. The lowering of the water level was followed by the appearance of unusual objects, such as the ship of the Second World War. Severe drought occurs in Lake Mead, the largest artificial lake in the United States. The lake, which is a reservoir of water […]

Historic water shortage declared in the largest US reservoir | The World | D.W.

The US authorities issued for the first time on Monday (16.08.2021) an official declaration of water shortages for the drought-affected Lake Mead, which will cause future water supply cuts for some 40 million people in the west of the country. Lake Mead, formed in the 1930s from the damming of the Colorado River on the […]