Dubilet canceled in absentia arrest in PrivatBank case

The Appeals Chamber considered the complaint of Dubilet’s lawyers against the decision of the investigating judge VAKS of June 2, 2021, by whom the ex-head of PrivatBank was arrested in absentia. “Based on the results of the judicial review, the panel of judges partially satisfied the appeal of the defenders, canceled the decision of the […]

Privatbank warned of new fraud

Through a fake site, users are invited to participate in the pyramid. Fraudsters use a high-income offer to lure into a fraudulent project using a scheme that is exclusively inherent in a fraudulent financial pyramid. Privatbank warns users about a new fraud scheme that uses a fake website using the bank’s logo. The press service […]

Kolomoisky is on the US sanctions list, but remains untouchable at home – Atlantic Council

Experienced Ukraine watchers raised a skeptical eyebrow two years ago when Volodymyr Zelenskiy won a landslide victory in the country’s presidential election. support for Igor Kolomoisky, perhaps the most controversial oligarch in Ukraine, “the author notes. Clarke emphasizes that Zelensky appointed Andrey Bogdan, personal lawyer for Kolomoisky during the election campaign his key advisor, and […]

Dubilet may be wanted by Interpol – SAP sent a request

“Yes, SAP has sent a petition to Interpol to put Dubilet on the wanted list,” the press service said. The date on which this petition was sent was refused by the prosecutor’s office. Note that in early June, the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court arrested Dubilet in absentia. He appears in a criminal case of fraud in […]