Japanese TV program deconstructs “digital dementia” Doctor: 5 out of 10 symptoms are high risk[with test method]-ezone.hk-Technology Focus-Technology Car

Nowadays, no matter how old or small, mobile phones, tablets, computers and other electronic products do not leave their hands, so in recent years, you will hear many diseases induced by technology, such as “slingshot finger” (finger flexor tendon stenosing tenosynovitis), “selfie wrist” (wrist One of the tunnel syndrome) etc. Recently, the Japanese TV program […]

【British Outbreak】Mutated virus may become a major strain of the virus in the UK, experts estimate that children may be more susceptible to infection-ezone.hk-Online Life-Life Information

A variant of the new crown virus appeared in London, England and the surrounding southeastern part of England. The epidemic spread rapidly, and its spread was about 70% higher than previous viruses. Although it is unknown whether infection with the mutant virus strain will affect the condition, or even whether the existing new crown vaccine […]

Reminiscing the Truth Twin Mirror-ezone.hk-Game Animation-E-sports Games

In recent years, there have been many story adventure games. Masterpieces include “Detroit: Become Human” and “Black Photo Album” series. The themes range from science fiction to horror. “Twin Mirror” is a small independent production that focuses on rational and logical considerations. Psychological suspense has a certain taste. Story adventure game “Twin Mirror” Logical reorganization […]