Fame: VIRAL VIDEO | Viral challenge | Edwin Luna in heels joins Larry Hernán

Updated on 06/29/2020 at 21:56 Wearing stilettos, singer Edwin Luna followed in the footsteps of his colleague Larry Hernández and joined the fever of the viral rectum of TikTok #TocoTocoTo, which consists of recording yourself walking with this kind of footwear. LOOK: “I do not complicate myself”, the colorful challenge with which J Balvin seeks […]

Tunden of criticism to Larry Hernndez for wanting to make money with the Dalett exclusive

United States.– The legal marriage ofLarry HernndezandKenya OntiverosThey still don’t show the new and most anticipated member of their family, baby.Dalett. It was just this Tuesday afternoon that through the account ofInstagramthey did for the little girl, they shared a nice video where Kenya is seen taking care ofDalett. It may interest you: ÂNeither TV […]

Larry Hernndez and Kenia Ontiveros dance in the hospital, while Daletth is born

United States.– As they become parents for the third time,Larry HernndezandKenya Ontiveroshe finds himself enjoying the last moments with Daletth in the belly. It was through theInstagramfrom the famous singer who shared a funTikTokrecorded from the hospital where Kenya is seen in a hospital gown who to the rhythm of a fun song the couple […]

Ridiculous duel! Larry Hernández makes Edwin Luna sweat while recording

United States.- The famous Mexican regional singer,Larry hernandezmade a recording ofTikTokwith your colleague,Edwin Luna, in which the two were embarrassed before their thousands of followers. It was through the account ofInstagramLarry that this video was published where in a quite serious tone, Hernández puts a mathematical challenge to the well-known singer,Edwin Luna. Also read:“You lack […]

Larry Hernndez reappears to do his thing on TikTok: “Pass without passing”

United States.–Larry HernndezI had been resting from so many videos ofTikTokIt ensures that he was being more productive with the kitchen. In your accountInstagramIt is where he has always been active, doing his thing countless times regardless of just being ridiculous or hiswife Kenya OntiverosI left it in bad. Therefore, this Tuesday he returned to […]

“The most vulgar family”: Larry Hernndez causes controversy and is called “naco”

United States.-Larry Hernndezis in a big bind as he is being totally criticized for not having theeducation and delicacyto address important issues with your daughters, especially withDaleyza 9 years. Through your accountInstagram, thewell-known singerHe was uploading stories from a normal day, eating with his family, but Hernndez said the pasta his wife was eating was […]