Protests, Shops in Libya Make Face of the President of France for Floor Mat

TRIPOLI, – A shop on Libya reportedly put on a face President of France Emmanuel Macron as floor mats as well as social distancing guidelines. They put on Macron’s face in protest at the president’s comments about defending cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, angering Muslims. Macron’s posters, which are printed with feet on his […]

Stabbing at the French Church, Macron: Islamic Terrorist Attacks

Paris – President of France Emmanuel Macron speak up about the stabbing attack that killed three people in City of Nice, France. Macron vowed France would not surrender after the incidents of attacks which he described as “Islamic terrorist attacks”. Reporting from AFP, Thursday (29/10/2020), Macron vowed that “France will not give up on our […]

The French President and the Prophet Muhammad’s Cartoon Controversy

PARIS, – Saudi Arabia has strongly criticized cartoons Nabi Muhammad, a publication defended by President of France Emmanuel Macron, following the beheading of a teacher. Statement from the Saudi foreign ministry official as reported by the news agency SPA Tuesday (27/10/2020) mentioned that the government “condemned the offensive filming related to the Apostle of […]

Many Boycott Calls Cause Macron’s Comment Makes Arab States Glare

Paris – French President Emmanuel Macron throwing statements about Islam that are reaping controversy. Boycott call from Arab countries appeared. Reported AFP, Monday (26/10/2020) on Sunday (25/10), Macron said in a teaser on Twitter: “We will never give in to Islamic radicals. We do not accept hate speech and defend sensible debates,” the leader said. […]