This Plane Landed Emergency Because Passenger Beats Stewardess

Jakarta – This aircraft made an emergency landing after passenger attacked two cabin crew. Police said the flight attendants and marshal were victims. Reported CNN, a Delta flight from Washington, DC, to Los Angeles made an emergency landing in Oklahoma City on Thursday night. That was after a passenger allegedly attacked two people. “The passenger […]

450% increase in international bookings

Delta says it has seen an increase in international flight bookings in the six weeks since the US government announced plans to ease travel restrictions … Delta reported a 450% increase in bookings at its outlets for international flights compared to the six weeks before the announcement. The airline added that “many international flights are […]

Titres en action: Delta, Wells Fargo, BlackRock, Bank of America, Velan

Here is a selection of announcements that have made (or will make) move the prices of these companies: (Come back and read us from time to time so as not to miss an update) American airline Delta Airlines (DAL, US $ 41.31) on Wednesday unveiled better-than-expected second-quarter results, even posting its first quarterly net profit […]

Visit to Queens, the underrated part of New York

Queens? What on earth is a Manhattan resident, let alone a tourist, doing in Queens? Of the five cities that make up New York, this one is ultimately the least known. Less known than Brooklyn, less well known even than Staten Island – Queens, that’s that Unknown landthrough which you drive when you want to […]

Six big companies in the US are zombies. It hinders the recovery of the economy

Zombies have earned the label of companies that cannot make a profit in the long run, and their survival depends purely on the external assistance of governments or central banks. “The problem of zombie companies is emerging after every global crisis,” explains Pavel Sobíšek, chief economist of UniCredit Bank. According to him, tens of thousands […]

Delta Air Lines in 2021 to more destinations from Schiphol

Delta announced plans to expand intercontinental flights in line with the relaxation of travel restrictions, the potential availability of a corona vaccine and a gradual recovery in market demand. Compared to the current summer season, Delta will resume 50 routes to destinations in Europe and Asia in the summer of 2021. During the summer season […]

Bin Laden’s killer in flight without a mask: banned by the airline

Robert O’Neill, the man who claims to have killed Osama bin Laden in 2011, ended up on the black list of the main airline in the world for not wearing the mask on board, even posting the photo on social media. The former special forces member tried to justify himself by saying it was a […]