Samsung Electronics promoted 187 executives, including 59 vice presidents

[아시아타임즈=김창수 기자] On the 6th, Samsung Electronics carried out a “2023 regular executive staff promotion” which promoted a total of 187 people, including 59 vice presidents. Samsung Electronics Seocho office building. (Photo = Yonhap News) The total number of executives promoted was 59 vice presidents, 107 chief executive officers, 2 fellows (executive director level), and […]

The Samsung Galaxy S more powerful than Android, if you meet “Windows Phone”

Microsoft introduces the Windows Phone operating system in 2010 … Samsung Electronics also applied to “Omnia 7” Windows Phone makes history after underestimating the market … Reassessment with the advent of the Android era “Excellent responsiveness of the screen and optimization of the Windows operating system, synergy with the Galaxy S series” [아시아타임즈=김창수 기자] In […]

New iPhone ‘Dynamic Island’ stolen from Android

iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island models, notifications around the camera instead of the notch … change in size Android developer, ‘topic’ of registration of similar themes to Xiaomi App Market … “The first case of cloning the iOS Android function” “Smartphone trend, the tendency to break away from the ‘top cut’ … Instead of buying […]