After the Great Flood, China Prepares for Typhoon In-Fa

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — China closed ports and railways on Saturday as a preparatory measure to face topan In-Fa. The typhoon comes as parts of the country are struggling to recover from the massive flooding that hit earlier this week. According to the official Xinhua news agency, In-Fa is expected to hit mainland China late […]

Casualties Until the Factory Explodes

Jakarta – Floods in China cause a lot of damage. Several areas in Henan and Zhengzhou were also hit by disasters such as landslides, flooded dams, overflowing rivers, and submerged subways. Losses due to flooding are said to have reached 1.22 billion yuan or US$ 190 million or equivalent to Rp. 2.7 trillion (assuming an […]

Great Floods in China, Submerged Cars and Many Floating on the Road

Jakarta – Heavy rains that have lashed China in recent days have caused heavy flooding. As a result, hundreds of thousands of residents had to be evacuated to safe places. Floods in China also paralyzed a number of facilities, access roads and submerged hundreds of vehicles up to the height of the car’s roof. In […]

Chinese Flood Horror, Residents Trapped in Underground KRL

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Floods that hit Henan province, China, causing sad news for the country. At least 12 people were killed and five others injured when water hit a subway line in Zhengzhou, Tuesday (20/7/2021) night. Residents were trapped in carriages when floodwaters hit ‘line 5’ where they were. In a video circulating on […]