US suspects China created a super army like Captain America page all

WASHINGTON DC, – Intelligence United States of America (US) suspected that China is developing super soldiers with biologically enhanced abilities. China is even said to have carried out human testing on members of the People’s Liberation Army NBC News on Friday (5/12/20). John Ratcliffe, director of national intelligence, put the claim in long opinion […]

Xi Jinping’s Call for War and Alert for the Chinese Army

Beijing – Presiden China, Xi Jinping called on its soldiers to prepare for war. Xi Jinping requested that the soldiers remain on high alert. As reported Xinhua News Agency and launched CNN, Thursday (15/10/2020), President Xi made the call while visiting a Chinese military base in Guangdong Province on Tuesday (13/10) local time. While conducting […]

Like being an Ironman, China is secretly having a crazy project to create a super-powered military army, using this absurd technique

Sosok.ID – As we know China famous as a country with a very advanced technology industry. However, due to being too advanced in terms of technological development, there were many rumored absurd projects being undertaken China. Starting from creating animals with strange genetics, to exchanging dna saveze with humans. The goal is to create something that […]

Regarded as the strongest military, in fact the Indian military succeeded in making the Chinese army run into chaos, using the SFF Special Forces of 3,500 Tibetans

Sosok.ID – When it comes to military power rank, of course strength rank Chinese military above China. Where China only lost to the United States (US) and Russia alone. Even so, don’t underestimate military power India. Now, about military strength India, there is news about the death of a member special forces India origin Tibet […]