12 Incan patients celebrate that they beat cancer

Francisco Vicente Soriano Rosales managed to beat the pancreatic cancer detected in advanced stage. He underwent aggressive surgical treatment in which three-quarters of the affected organ, the stomach, gallbladder, and intestine were removed; He received various chemotherapies, radiotherapies and was controlled with morphine in the pain clinic. “I’m here. Yes it can, I already have […]

Family of Anthony Álvarez, a young man killed in Chicago, asks for justice

The parents of Anthony Alvarez, originating from Durango and of Guerrero, a Mexican American who died in Chicago after an incident with the officer Evan SolanoThey claim that the policeman murdered him and demand justice. “We want justice for my son. We want the policeman who shot (to) go to jail (…) that policeman should […]

Doctors take COVID areas to Twitter; they give advice

Twitter became the closest window to a covid hospital. And it was thanks to the medical personnel of the front line of battle that told thousands of tweeters what is going on in there. Day to day. With shortages and losses, but also with stories of success and hope. In these months of the pandemic, […]

Senators want to regulate Facebook … but they pay it to promote themselves

In the next few days the Senate of the Republic will host a debate that has heated up in recent weeks: the regulation of social media. Although some of the members of this chamber have criticized that private companies such as Twitter o Facebook They decide what is published on these platforms, they have also […]

How much money do Facebook and Twitter make with your data?

Yanin Alfaro Mexico City / 15.01.2021 00:54:41 In the last five years the income from advertising in Facebook has grown 323 percent to add 57 thousand 893 million dollars in 2020, compared to the 17.9 billion it earned in 2015, according to a historical analysis of its annual reports. Under the promise of offering a […]

Identity of alleged Capitol attackers revealed on Instagram

At least 30 other people who violently entered the Capitol on Wednesday, some of them carrying firearms, amid protests over the election result in U.S, have been identified in the last hours by activists through social networks. After their identities were revealed, and in some cases, even their places of residence, if they were detained […]

Rosario Robles complains that 4T exhibits her on Twitter and Facebook

Laura Sánchez Law Mexico City / 17.12.2020 01:17:42 The former secretary of Social Development, Rosario Robles Berlanga, who is imprisoned for alleged diversion of resources, complains that the Attorney General of the Republic, Alejandro Gertz Manero, display her as guilty through Twitter y Facebook. Through the file system of the Federal Judicial Council (CJF), on […]