Preventing Dengue Transmission, Pemecutan Kelod Village Performs Fogging | Denpasar – To prevent the spread of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF), Pemecutan Kelod Village carried out a Fogging Focus in Banjar Buagan Jalan Pulau Indah VI, Wednesday (12/1). The head of Pemecutan Kelod Village, I Wayan Tantra, said that fogging was carried out in Banjar Buagan, Jalan Pulau Indah VI because there were […]

Stagnant HIV/Aids Cases, Spread in Unexpected Areas | Gianyar – Although there are still additional cases, the number of HIV/Aids cases in Gianyar is relatively stable. It’s just that the spread of this case is precisely in unexpected areas. Ubud, which is actually a heterogeneous area, is actually overtaken by the North Gianyar area. From the data collected, Tuesday (5/10), this […]