Facts on Valve Masks, Called the ‘Princess’ of Omicron Contagion in Hong Kong

Jakarta – COVID-19 varian Omicron B.1.1.529 is currently capturing the attention of the world community, after the World Health Organization (WHO) included the variant as a variant of concern last Friday (26/11/2021). In Hong Kong, transmission of this variant has been linked to valve masks, a type of ‘selfish’ mask that has not been recommended […]

Malaysia-Singapore difference when other countries are worried about Omicron from Africa

Jakarta – New variant corona virus that is Omicron alert the world. However, Indonesia’s two neighboring countries, namely Malaysia and Singapore take a different attitude when other countries are worried about the variant of Africa that. Omicron or variant B.1.1.529 first discovered in Botswana, the southern African continent. The world is restless. But not with […]

WHO Defines Corona B.1.1.529 Worried Variant, Named Omicron

Geneva – World Health Organization (WHO) gave the name of the new variant of the Corona virus B.1.1.529 originating from South Africa Omicron. The virus was designated as a variant of concern (VOC). As reported by AFP, Saturday (11/27/2021), the classification places Omicron into the category of the most troubling variant of COVID-19. Omicron is […]

Beware of Botswana’s New Covid Variant, Scarier than Delta?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A group of researchers of the new variant of Covid-19 B.1.1.529 revealed a worrying thing. Researchers say the variant found in Botswana is potentially very dangerous. That statement is not without reason. Virologists found that the variant carried 32 mutations on the spike side of its protein. Mutations in the spike […]