From Adaro, GoTo to AnterAja, Boy Thohir Owns the Stock!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – RI mining tycoon Garibaldi ‘Boy’ Thohir is increasingly expanding his business portfolio, which now includes technology companies. Boy Thohir, who previously focused on the mining industry after being able to grow Adaro Energy (ADRO), seems to be aggressively diversifying his business. The coal industry, which is the main support for the […]

Peek at the Performance of the ASSA Subsidiary Purchased by Boy Thohir, JAKARTA – A subsidiary of PT Adi Sarana Armada Tbk. (ASSA), namely PT Tri Adi Bersama alias Anteraja, has just announced its latest corporate action. The name of Boy Thohir who is the boss of PT Adaro Energy Tbk. (ADRO), has purchased a 10 percent stake from Anteraja. Based on the ASSA report through […]