Symptoms and signs of Alzheimer’s disease: stages of dementia in an elderly person. Why memory got worse |

Why do we remember a rhyme from school, but forget why we came to the store?

– Why do we remember the rhyme? Firstly, because, most likely, we learned this rhyme for a long time and drearily at school. Secondly, in school days, our brain was less clogged with a mountain of information that had accumulated over life, and was more receptive to new information, says Nikita Zhukov. – This can be trivially compared to computer memory, flash drives, hard drives. When they are new, errors do not arise, but after a while errors accumulate, and there may be problems with writing to memory. We all live, develop, this is logical. When we go to the store, we hardly cram, we do not have such a free background of attention to intensely concentrate in memory. But in itself, most likely, this is not a problem if it does not happen so systematically as to interfere with life.

How to spot memory problems early?

– At the everyday level, the criteria for noticing memory problems are more limited by how much these problems interfere in life. That is, if you have always used the diary to write down something, so as not to forget, and continue to use it in the same volume, then even if the next word flew out of your head, it is unlikely that it affects anything. But if you have kept all the information in your head all your life, but over the past few months (within a year) you suddenly needed a diary, sticky notes for memos, you are constantly late for meetings, miss important things, and this significantly affects your life – it is obvious that this is some kind of decrease, and it must be examined. It is definitely not worth panicking and making a diagnosis on your own, but you definitely need to get to a neurologist or, perhaps, a psychotherapist, – says Nikita Zhukov.

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