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symbol of New York, he left the city!

by world today news

He now lives in Houston.

It’s hard to do more New Yorker than 50 Cent. The rapper was born in the district of Queens and very clearly symbolizes the big apple. But Fifty decided to go see the South if life was not sweeter … Indeed, he indicated on Instagram that he now lives in Houston, Texas, the city of birth of Beyoncé, Megan Thee Stallion or Travis Scott. Even if the rapper has always represented NYC, with age, he is undoubtedly looking for softer living conditions …

“Love NY, but live in Houston now. I’ll explain later. Swipe left. Green Light Gang. BOOM.”

Among the legends of Houston, there is one who is delighted with the arrival of 50 Cent in Texas, it was Paul Wall who wrote in the comments section:

“I have prepared a slab and I am waiting for you, I will lay it down for you.”

By swiping the publication of Fifty, we understand that the rapper, who has also become an important producer on television, is certainly based in Houston to develop a new project. Indeed, according to Deadline, Discovery + commissioned episodes of the series developed by 50 Cent, “Confessions of a Crime Queen”, a series “one of a kind that brings captivating stories to life, from those that make the headlines, by mixing documentaries and fictions”. As the name suggests, “Confessions of a Crime Queen” will be dedicated to telling the true stories of women who “created and ruled a multi-million dollar criminal empire before a dramatic fall”. Each character will be played by a leading actress and this will be combined with an interview with the real “crime lord”.


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