Switzerland Destroys 10 million doses of Moderna vaccine, prepares for next month’s next generation vaccine

Ministry of Health Switzerland prepares to destroy the COVID-19 vaccine of 10,300,000 doses of Moderna, which expired on Wednesday 21 September (2022), stating that there was no choice but to destroy. 2,500,000 doses of the vaccine are stored at the Swiss army logistic base and a further 7,800,000 doses are stored in Belgium. The value of the destroyed vaccine is estimated at around 280 million Swiss francs (around 10,705 million baht).

The health ministry explains that these vaccines are the legacy vaccines that were purchased in the early stages of the pandemic. Vaccines are ordered from different manufacturers to avoid dependence on vaccines which may later prove ineffective. and to prevent delivery problems Subsequently, reports of clinical trials confirming the efficacy of mRNA-based vaccines based on Moderna, Pfizer and BioEntech led Switzerland to more pre-orders for the vaccine.

The Swissinfo website reports that Switzerland has more than 38 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine, which will expire by the end of the year. But next month (October), Switzerland will resume its coronavirus vaccination program using around 3,500,000 doses of Moderna’s next-generation vaccine.

Switzerland 13,556 people have died from the coronavirus since the start of the pandemic. Almost 70 percent of the 8.7 million inhabitants are fully vaccinated.



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