Support for teachers .. material benefits to improve living conditions and appoint 150,000 teachers

In recent years, the state has wanted to support teachers in improving their material and living conditions, as wages have been raised and raised. teachers After raising the teacher’s allowance, as well as the minimum wage, performance incentive and exam reward, around 1.4 million Education and Al-Azhar teachers, and around 700,000 assistants, benefit from the increases, with a total cost of up to £ 6.1 billion, and this cost includes the monthly increases that teachers and their support staff will receive, education, as well as financial support for the Teacher Welfare Fund. .-

In the context of supporting education development efforts and providing a distinct learning environment, the political leadership decided to appoint 150,000 teachers over 5 years to fill the teacher gap and meet the development needs of the education sector .

While the Ministry of Education and Technical Education has confirmed that, in order to achieve the principle of equality between teachers, the Ministry has issued a decision on the implementation of the principle of equality between the teachers in charge who teach the class additional fee and the teachers affiliated with the fee.

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education said the decision came after receiving the approval of the Minister of Finance, Dr. Mohamed Maait, and includes the valuation of the quota at (20 lbs) instead of (3.80 lbs. ), in order to achieve the principle of equality between appointed and contracted teachers to fill the deficit.

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education, continuing to support teachers, is studying the launch of the “Teacher’s Support” program, ie the distribution of a smart card to each teacher, so that this card can be used in a machine immediate on board the teacher support system to score points based on the quality of the service provided by the teacher in the classroom Points on each reserve quota or on any quota exceeding one’s quorum or supervisory work, passing the teacher’s card in a Fawry machine and identifying the service provided by the teacher to be converted into points, then these points are collected at the end of the month to be converted into monetary consideration.

The ministry explained: It is part of the ministry’s support for the teacher’s position and appreciation of his role in the educational process, and is primarily aimed at improving teachers’ conditions and getting them job satisfaction, and will be linked to rewarding teachers for each additional effort and work they will do, explaining that the project to reward teachers for additional efforts in the Schools, this will be in the form of points that will be entered into the teacher’s account, to benefit later, explaining that the first characteristics of the project are that every teacher who receives extra dues will have a return and reward commensurate with the effort they have made, provided that the announcement is made soon.This great project, in addition to activating the social assistance fund for teachers and their assistants, set up with a republican decree in 2020, to improve the financial conditions of teachers and their assistants.

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