Support for 19 small projects in the region of the Municipal Alliance Main-Wein-Garten

For the third year in a row, the Municipal Alliance Main-Wein-Garten eV has received 100,000 euros to support small projects in the region. This is intended to support committed, active and responsible rural development and to strengthen the regional identity in the eight member municipalities. The following information is taken from a press release by the Municipal Alliance Main-Wein-Garten.

Interest groups, private individuals and municipalities were able to submit their funding requests up to mid-March – a total of 34 were received by the ILE Main-Wein-Garten. The need for funding is therefore almost twice as high as the total budget available.

Implementation required by mid-September

At the decision-making committee meeting on March 28, 2022, the submitted project ideas were awarded points based on the previously defined selection criteria. In the end, 19 small projects were selected for funding. These include, for example, the upgrading of flowering meadows by the Erlabrunn fruit and garden association, the creation of a hiking brochure by ZweiUferLand eV, the upgrading of the Mainlände in Thüngersheim, the meeting house in Leinach, or the purchase of an information vehicle on the topic of orchards.

Since the official start of the implementation of the projects in April, the project sponsors have been working on the implementation, which must be completed by September 20, 2022, so that the funding can be paid out.



Mobile fire simulation system for fire brigades

The Margetshöchheim fire brigade completed its project in June. She was able to fulfill her wish for a mobile fire simulation system for training in the use of fire extinguishers. The aim is to ensure that citizens can use fire extinguishers safely. The fire brigade around platoon leader Götz would also like to strengthen the cooperation between the fire brigades in the ILE area with the purchase. The fire simulation system can therefore be borrowed free of charge by all fire brigades in the ILE municipalities, with or without operating personnel.

The Alliance Main-Wein-Garten includes Erlabrunn, Leinach, Margetshöchheim, Thüngersheim and the market town of Zell am Main in the district of Würzburg. In the Main-Spessart district, the communities of Himmelstadt, Retzstadt and Markt Zellingen with its districts of Duttenbrunn and Retzbach are members of the alliance.

Due to the high number of funding applications and the limited budget, not all project ideas can be financially supported this year. However, applications can be submitted again next year.

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