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Founder of Dovgan and Red Line brands detained in the USA

The American authorities detained the founder of the Dovgan, Smak and Krasnaya Liniya brands, Russian businessman German Lillevali, reported RBC has two sources. The information was confirmed by a representative of a group of investors who were suing Lillevali in the United States.

  • The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia considers Lillevali to be the organizer of the financial pyramid, which collected 9 billion rubles. under the guise of investing in Apple and Nike. Nikita Mikhalkov and top managers of Rusal are named among the deceived.
  • The businessman has been in the American immigration prison for more than a month, he entered the United States in early 2020 with an Estonian passport, having previously sold real estate and a car in Estonia.
  • The Court of the Southern District of Florida considered the lawsuit of investors against Lillevali and in June satisfied it, ruling to recover more than $ 32 million from the businessman. A few months later, Lillevali was detained by the immigration authorities. During the inspection, it turned out that in addition to the unfulfilled court decision, there is a notice of the search for Lillevali through Interpol from Russia, so he remains under arrest.

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Johnson & Johnson Suspends COVID Vaccine Tests

Johnson & Johnson temporarily suspended trials of their own vaccine against COVID-19 due to the “unexplained” illness of the research participant. The company assured that independent experts are also involved in its research.

  • Since September 23, the company has been conducting the third phase of testing with the planned participation of up to 60 thousand volunteers. Research on the disease is carried out by the independent Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB), as well as by the company’s medical staff.
  • The company stressed that adverse events are expected in clinical trials.
  • With the best of luck, Johnson & Johnson plans to produce 1 billion doses of vaccine per year.

The spread of coronavirus in the world

Cases per day

Source: JHU

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The Ministry of Labor warned about the refusal to calculate the consumer basket

One of the consequences of the new methodology for determining the subsistence level in Russia will be the termination of the calculation of the cost of the consumer basket by the Ministry of Labor from 2021.

  • In the ministry explainedthat the calculation of the cost of the consumer basket had no other goals, except for the establishment of a subsistence minimum. After the change in the method of establishing the subsistence minimum, the calculation of the consumer basket lost its meaning for the department.
  • The very concept of the consumer basket as a minimum set of food products, as well as non-food products and services was introduced to establish a subsistence minimum, the Ministry of Labor explained, explaining that the calculation of the value of the consumer basket is not a statistical observation.
  • The new technique does not need a basket value. Starting from 2021, the subsistence minimum is planned to be fixed at 44.2% of the median per capita income of Russians for the previous year. The median per capita income is the level above which incomes are higher for 50% of the population, and for the other half, on the contrary, lower.

Putin found flaws in the formation of the consumer basket of Russians


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