Strong snow storm dyes Greece and Turkey white – Noticieros Televisa

A strong snow storm disrupted road and air traffic in Athens and Istanbul, as snow covered most of Turkey and Greece, including several islands in the Aegean Sea.

Residents of Greece took advantage of the snowfall to make snowmen in front of the parliament (EFE)

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A young woman swings on a swing in a snowy grove in Athens, Greece, on Monday. (EFE)

For avoid citizens to leave home, the Greek government declared as public holiday in the metropolitan area of ​​Athens, parts of central Greece and the islands. Major government agencies, as well as grocery stores, gas stations, and pharmacies, will remain open.

“We ask citizens to avoid leaving their homes. It will be a difficult night,” said Climate Change and Civil Protection Minister Christos Stylianides. “The snow reached unprecedented heights in some areas.”

Inhabitants of Greece took to the streets to enjoy the snow (EFE)

this storm paralyzed traffic in Athens and put most public transport out of service. Army and fire crews unfolded to rescue hundreds of motorists, stranded for hours, inside cars cutlery through the snow and take to hotel rooms.

The streets of Greece were severely affected by snow (EFE)

Some people abandoned their vehicles and walked home on the snow.

A man walks in the middle of a snowfall in the Zappeion area (EFE)

Train transport was also affected, with state television ERT reporting that three people suffered minor injuries when a locomotive accidentally collided with a stuck train carrying around 200 people. The accident occurred near the city of Livadia, in central Greece.

The avenues of various cities in Greece were painted white (EFE)

In Istanbul, a metropolis of some 16 million people, the Turkish authorities suspended intercity bus service and blocked temporarily trips to the city from the region of Thrace. People who were stranded on the roads abandoned the vehicles to go home on foot or overcrowded the subway and other means of public transport.

Istanbul was also painted white due to heavy snowfall (EFE)

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