stroll in the alleys of the green lung of New York

It is one of the most famous parks in the world. Central Park, New York’s green lung, welcomes nearly 37 million visitors each year. This mythical place, which spreads over 3.4 square km in the middle of Manhattan, is the favorite meeting place for New York cyclists and joggers. Lionel Gendron, RTL correspondent, reveals its most emblematic corners.

The walk begins in the heart of Central Park, near the Belvedere castle, a replica of a Scottish castle, built on Vista Rock, the park’s second highest vantage point. We then cross Shakespeare’s garden, where flowers mentioned in the playwright’s works are planted. The New York Shakespeare Festival takes place every summer in the open-air theater adjacent to the garden.

In the park is also one of the most famous museums in the world, the Metropolitan Museum of Art or “Met”, which houses nearly 2 million works of art. Also found in Central Park near 10,000 green banks, part of which has been “adopted”, that is, a copper plate with a word or phrase has been affixed to it.

The walk ends at the Reservoir, a body of water which supplied New Yorkers with water until 1993 and which offers an incredible view of the buildings of Manhattan.

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