Støre’s plan: To solve the Vedum tangle

RIS (Dagbladet): – Today I just want to be satisfied that I have led a party that has joined the ranks. Which has been so amazing on team. Half a year ago when we had bad measurements, it could have triggered something else. But what happened then was that there was a gathering about politics and direction, says Jonas Gahr Støre to Dagbladet outside his home in Ris.

– Will there be a Jägermeister tonight, or what’s in the glass?

– I have something on the keel, but I think it’s really brushing my teeth now and the bed.

– No bubbles?

– I do not think so.

Desert hiking

The Labor Party has been in opposition for eight years, the longest period the party has been outside government offices since the war.

Then the plan is also ready to take back power. As Dagbladet wrote already this spring, the Labor Party has made thorough preparations. The party programs of the Labor Party, the Center Party and the Socialist People’s Party are stacked on top of each other, where is the common policy – where are the difficult issues?

The job starts as early as Tuesday. Støre will have talks with SP leader Trygve Slagsvold Vedum and SV leader Audun Lysbakken. Then the parties will have meetings in their respective central boards before the hope is to start negotiations next week.

The Labor Party has a central board meeting at 2 pm on Tuesday. Then Støre will have a mandate to move on.

But the road has been long. Støre was Super-Jonas as foreign minister, but suffered a bitter election defeat in 2017 in his first election as party leader.

Then came the metoo settlement in the Labor Party and this winter the Center Party was bigger in the polls.

Trygve Slagsvold Vedum says that the situation now indicates that Jonas Gahr Støre will be prime minister of a new government. Photo: Marte Nyløkken Helseth / Reporter: Ingunn Dorholt
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Støre tribute

Nevertheless, Støre – and the Labor Party – remained calm. The payment came in the election. In isolation, 26.4 per cent is not a good choice for the Labor Party. But given the conditions, it is a victory as good as any.

– We have been in this together and it gives results. It is a satisfaction that when we do what we are there for, to make politics, be close to people and come up with solutions, it gives motivation and inspiration. That’s what I’m taking with me today. Then it is easy to put behind what has been heavier. But there have been some tough roofs, says Støre to Dagbladet about the difficult times.

Støre is then also hailed by party colleagues on what is his biggest night in politics.

– We have a party leader who has maintained a high level in all the debates he has participated in. says Deputy Hadia Tajik.

Fellesforbundet leader Jørn Eggum follows up:

– Jonas has done a fantastic job organizationally in the party by rebuilding it and giving us confidence and self-confidence. But not least, this election campaign has shown that this is a statesman who will be a fantastically good prime minister for the entire population of Norway, says Eggum, who also sits on the Labor Party’s central board.

THE PARLIAMENTARY ELECTION: A moved Jonas Gahr Støre gave a victory speech at the election vigil of the Labor Party. Video: Dagbladet TV. Photo: Hans Arne Vedlog
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“Will not” -Vedum

There is no doubt that Støre’s goal is a majority government with SP and SV. But Trygve Slagsvold Vedum did not sell cheaply – not even on election night.

– We have been clear over time that we will replace the current government and replace it with a SP / Labor-based government. Then we’ll start the talks tomorrow. We have a joint responsibility, so we can use the time ahead, says the SP leader.

Støre tells Dagbladet that he does not have a bad time. It is common in Norway for a new government to be in place when the budget is presented in mid-October, but SV has decided that the government platform will go to a referendum.

Strong Sp resistance

Dagbladet is aware that there is strong opposition in the Center Party to such a solution, and it may be the first nut Støre has to crack when he is to gather the red-green team.

With regard to the issues to be negotiated, it is expected that the most inflamed will be oil and gas policy, climate taxes and predators. These are the cases where Sp and SV are furthest apart.

The Center Party also does not come unprepared to a possible negotiating table. NTB wrote in August – and Dagbladet has received confirmation – that the Center Party has two key documents ready:

  • A government platform that points out the direction for a new Labor / Socialist government.
  • An additional bill to the state budget for 2022 where there is a clear change of direction for Norway.

However, Vedum and the Center Party’s prime minister’s dream has been put to death with a Labor Party that is 13 percentage points larger:

Vedum acknowledged this last night.


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