Starting Tonight, Moon-Mars Conjunction Decorates Indonesia’s Skies Accompanying your long holiday while doing activities at home, you can try observing the sky view in the form conjunction MonthMars.

Starting tonight 29 October 2020, phenomenon conjunction or alignment of the Moon and Mars will again occur in the sky Indonesia with the peak of the conjunction happening tomorrow, Friday (10/30/2020).

Based on the information from the National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (Lapan), today, the conjunction between the Moon and Mars can be observed from dusk, at 18.00 WIB.

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You can see this alignment from the East with a separation angle of 4.27 degrees and a height of 25 degrees above the horizon.

Until tomorrow, the conjunction of the two celestial bodies will set in the early hours of 04.10 WIB from the West with a separation angle of 2.29 degrees.

It also states that they will both be located in the constellation Pisces.

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After the previous Moon-Mars conjunction on month This October 2020 happened on the 3rd, but it is stated that the conjunctions that will occur starting tonight are bigger than when the 3 October was typed.

Phenomenon this can be observed with the naked eye during sunny weather conditions, light pollution free, and in an unobstructed field of view.

Generally, to be able to find out whether it is Mars, you can observe if a bright object like a star is in a straight line with the Moon, and it could be the brightest in appearance.


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