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Starnberg: Police find three dead in Haus – Starnberg

Three people were found in a family home in Starnberg on Sunday evening. They are the couple who lived in the house and their son, shared the police With. “The investigators are currently assuming an act of violence,” it said. According to the Süddeutsche Zeitung The police currently suspect that one of the three killed the other two and then committed suicide.

So far, the police have not given any details about the crime or the cause of death. According to SZ information, the victims are a 60-year-old psychotherapist, her 64-year-old husband, who worked as a lighting technician, and the couple’s 21-year-old son, who is also in the house in the north Starnberg should have lived.

Relatives of the spouses had informed the police that they had not been able to reach the couple for several days. A police patrol then found the three dead in the house. That was around 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, as a spokesman for the police headquarters in Upper Bavaria North said. According to SZ information, no traces of a break-in were found on the house – and no farewell letter either.

The evidence and a forensic doctor were in use at the alleged crime scene until after midnight, said a police spokesman. The investigation was carried out by the Kripo Fürstenfeldbruck.

Editor’s note: We deliberately design our reporting on suicides with caution and refrain from details where possible. If you feel yourself affected by suicidal thoughts, please contact the telephone counseling service immediately (http://www.telefonseelsorge.de). On the free hotline 0800-1110111 or 0800-1110222 you can get help from consultants, who in many cases have shown ways out of difficult situations.

Police in Munich murder without corpses, risky shots and countless millions

Murder without a body, risky shots and countless millions

What happened to three Munich crime cases that caused a sensation in 2019.



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