SpotifyPalette: How to get the Spotify color palette that represents your type of music?

Thanks to all the time you have using Spotify On your devices and the amount of information you generate with your use, it is possible to quantify and represent your personality through the music you listen to. But the presentation of this metadata is not exclusive to the app and that is why we now have SpotifyPalette, a lovely feature that colors your music consumption habits.

SpotifyPalette is a website created by developer Israel Medina, from Texas, United States. According to the author’s description “is a website that analyzes users’ top tracks and generates a color palette based on their listening history for the last six months. The algorithm takes into account the danceability, valence and energy of each song ”.

The analysis gives a color palette, shows you some of your most listened to songs in the last 6 months and gives you artistic images from the internet that match the colorometry of your result. You must try it and for this we will give you a short tutorial to show off the result.

Tutorial: This is how you get the Spotify color palette

  1. Access the page
  2. Log in as you would in your Spotify app.
  3. With the help of the Spotify API, the page will give you an automatic result and will explain why you are seeing those colors.
  4. In the menu, if you enter the icon of a music note, your main songs will appear. Each of them will have the associated color that your color palette has.
  5. In the same menu, when entering the image icon, the page will show you the artistic images that match your colors.
  6. For the moment, heThe page does not have the function of sharing the result on your social networks, so your best option to show your Spotify color palette is to take a screenshot and post it manually.

That’s the whole process for the Spotify color palette. It is actually quite easy and is a curiosity that everyone should try. In any case, if you have any doubts about its operation, you can always consult the documentation left by Israel Medina in this page.


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