Spotify puts two new buttons to take you to the newest content

One of the things that Spotify does very well is to recommend all kinds of related audio content to your listeners. With each song you search for or play, the app learns more about you and your tastes, allowing you to have the latest trends directly on your mobile. But now more than ever it is important to distinguish between podcasts and music in what is new and now it is possible enjoy the newest content with the new Spotify buttons

Spotify splits podcast news and songs

Spotify is the default platform on which many listen to music. It is normal, since its comfort and its way of interacting with the user with its playlists is the most interesting. Its offer has improved a lot thanks to the arrival of podcasts, but now it wants to help its users with the news they listen to.

And it is that the company has announced the arrival of no less than two new buttons with which it is possible to choose the news that you want to listen to. This feature is called Feeds and will help navigate more easily through the content that the user wants to hear at that moment.

Depending on the user’s tastes, it is possible to have one content or another at hand since they are based on the recommendations to function. Best of all, each family has a dedicated button that you just have to press to access all the news that you have pending to listen to in the podcast section or that come to give you the best of your favorite bands.

Feeds comes first to Android

One of the things you have to know is that Feeds is available for Android users. However, there is no set date for his landing in his version for the bitten apple, so they will have to wait for his arrival.

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