Special Warning: Covid-19 Vulnerable to Attack Fat People

Obesity. Photo: Health

jpnn.com, SURABAYA – It is time for people who are overweight or fat to be aware of Covid-19. Because, based on studies, obese people have chronic inflammation in their bodies so that it is very dangerous when exposed to Covid-19.

“So obese people have chronic inflammation, if this is added to the virus the inflammation will increase and be dangerous,” said the coordinator of the East Java Covid-19 Covid-19 Task Force, Dr. Joni Wahyuhadi.

If you look at the data collected from various existing cases, Joni said, the highest death rate at this time was due to comorbid factors suffered by patients who had existed since before Covid-19.

A total of 91.9 percent of patients died in East Java due to comorbidities, while the remaining 8.1 percent was due to the corona virus from the total death toll.

He detailed, of the total 91.9 percent of positive cases with the most common disease was diabetes with a percentage of 10.9 percent, then hypertension as much as 10.6 percent, then heart with 6.1 percent, pregnancy 2 percent, malignancy 1.8 percent, tuberculosis. 1.5 percent, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD / pulmonary inflammation) 1.4 percent, 0.8 percent kidney, 0.8 percent liver, 0.7 percent asthma, and 0.4 percent immunological disorders.

“So be careful who have the top five diseases as much as possible to protect themselves strictly so as not to be exposed to the virus,” said the man who is also the Managing Director of the Regional General Hospital (RSUD), Dr. Soetomo it.

However, if it is seen from the comorbid mortality rate in East Java, it turns out that the highest risk of death is the kidney, which reached 3.7 times, followed by diabetes 3.4 times, COPD 3.2 times, heart 3.1 times, and age more than 60 years 2 , 9 percent.

Although the death rate was higher due to kidney disease, Joni said that the disease was also closely related to diabetes.


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