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On the 7th, reserve forces who participated in the training at the Sangnok Scientific Reservation Training Center of the 51st Division in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, are practicing urban tactics. The Army’s 51st Division normalized the reserve army training, which had been reduced due to Corona 19, on this day for the first time in four years./Newsis

Surprised citizens who saw reserve soldiers walking through downtown Seoul with guns called 112, and the police were dispatched.

According to the police on the 20th, the Yeongdeungpo Central District Division received a report at around 2:12 pm on the same day that “a soldier carrying a firearm was roaming the streets.”

This report was identified as an incident in which a citizen who was unaware of the training of the reserve forces was surprised to see a soldier with a gun. On-site reserve training is the first time in four years since the corona crisis.

The police dispatched to the scene withdrew after confirming that they were reservists undergoing operational planning training at the nearby Yeongdeungpo-dong Community Service Center.

The reserve army dongdae explained that it happened while following the internal guidelines of ‘always carry firearms as in real situations’. The Dongdaemun signed an agreement with a restaurant outside the training ground to provide lunches to reservists. As a result, reservists went to and from the restaurant carrying firearms, and citizens witnessed this, creating a commotion.

An official from the same university said, “We decided that it was appropriate to bring a firearm anytime, anywhere in a real situation, so we made them carry firearms, and the reservists followed these guidelines and ate at the convention cafeteria under the guidance of the leader.”

Meanwhile, the call for military force mobilization training, which had not been implemented for three years due to the corona, was officially resumed at 11 locations in 4 units across the country from the 6th.

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