Sony will dynamically control PS5 fan speed

In an interview with Japanese edition 4Gamer, PlayStation 5 engineer Yasuhiro Ootori said that Sony plans to use feedback from players as well as its servers to dynamically control the PS5‘s cooling fan speed.

The company will collect temporary data that will contain information about the state of our console, as well as games. For example, if you play Assassin’s Creed Valhalla for several hours and your device starts to get very hot, the corporation may receive a problem message and manually adjust the fan speed to prevent the device from getting too hot.

The console has four temperature sensors that monitor the fan speed – three on the main motherboard and one on the SoC. The speed can be dynamically adjusted via firmware updates.

“There will be various games in the future and data will be collected on the behavior of the APU in each one. We have a plan to optimize fan control based on this information. ”

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