Social service: After a two-year break, we’re going back to the cinema

The board is pleased to be able to offer a cinema trip to Niebüll again. The program features a family story from rural northern Germany based on a novel by Dörte Hansen. Registrations are possible until Sunday.

After a two-year Corona break, a trip to the cinema in Niebüll is again on the program for the social service in Tønder. On Wednesday, February 8th, the film Mittagsstunden, based on a novel by Dörte Hansen, awaits the participants. The film is cast with many actors who are also known from television.

The meeting point for cinema lovers is at 1.30 p.m. at Tønder East, after which the departure from the Tønderhallen takes place. Participation costs 150 crowns. Coffee is drunk in the cinema. The chairwoman Irene Feddersen (21 80 43 12 or [email protected]) accepts registrations until January 29th.

A novel about loss and new beginnings

What is left of us when everything we knew is lost? The great novel about loss and new beginnings, according to the advance notice.

About the plot: The clouds are hanging heavy over the Geest when Ginger Feddersen, 49, returns to his home village. He still has something to make up for here. Grandmother Ella is about to lose her mind, grandfather Sönke stubbornly holds his ground in his old village inn. The inn has seen better days, as has the whole village.

When did this decline begin? In the 1970s, when after the land consolidation, first the hedges and then the birds disappeared? When the big farms grew and the little ones died? When ginger went to Kiel to study and left the old man with the inn? With great warmth, Dörte Hansen tells of the disappearance of a rural world, of loss, farewell and a new beginning, the advance notice continues.

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