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So many new corona cases overnight like never before in Hessen

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ESuch a high number of new confirmed Covid 19 cases has not yet been reported in Hesse from one day to the next. The Robert Koch Institute speaks of 1133 new infections. That is an increase of 51 percent on Wednesday. The previous record of 882 other infected people was dated October 17. Since the pandemic started in March, the confirmed infections add up to 28,440. There are only more in North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. For comparison: on September 1, there were just under 15,600. Against this background and the generally very lively infection process in Germany, the head of the RKI is very concerned.

Thorsten Winter

Business editor and internet coordinator in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

Frankfurt has moved up ahead of Offenbach and the Groß-Gerau district at the top of the list Hotspots set in Hessen. The RKI now shows a seven-day incidence of 143.8 for the city, that is, the new cases within a week under 100,000 inhabitants. No other metropolis in Germany has a higher value; Solingen and Herne are slightly above the larger cities (see map). Frankfurt came earlier to 124.4.

In Offenbach, too, the infection rate remains extremely lively. For the neighboring city of Frankfurt a value of a good 126 is posted after 129 before. In the Groß-Gerau district, the incidence jumped from just under 100 to a good 110. In Kassel, the situation is visibly easing after an outbreak of the virus in an initial reception facility in the state. The incidence has dropped from more than 100 to 70.

Why the RKI is a little behind

The Main metropolis had already reported 5431 confirmed cases since March, 117 more than the day before. The RKI, on the other hand, spoke of 5352. The loophole stems from the fact that the Federal Institute does not simply take over the numbers registered by the health authorities, but double-check them. That is why it lags a bit behind in time. Frankfurt attributes a good 1,300 active cases to itself, i.e. people with infections that have not been overcome.


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