So his attitude to life has changed

Felix van Deventer’s life had many ups and downs in 2019

In the twelfth episode of the GZSZ podcast Felix van Deventer and Iris Mareike Steen talk about the series happening at “Gute Zeiten, bad Zeiten”. Felix and Iris Mareike play the siblings in the daily series Jonah and Lilly Seefeld. In real life, too, they feel like brother and sister.

The podcast not only talks about the series plot, but also talks about the private life of the actors. A lot has happened in the life of Felix van Deventer in 2019. There were many heights, like the birth of his son, but also a real deep blow, like Felix’s terrible accident. Find out more here.

The best and worst time for Felix was 2019

2019 was also the year in which Felix had a terrible accident: Felix van Deventer fell from the balcony. When he fell he contracted a fracture on the 2nd lumbar vertebra. “That was the worst time. I was in so much pain. I was in the hospital for 16 days.” On top of that, the timing wasn’t ideal either, because Felix’s son was just born and GZSZ had to go on somehow,

Today the GZSZ star is fine again, although the pain has not yet completely disappeared. However, he now takes better care of himself, as his series sister Iris Mareike Steen explains.

VIDEO: GZSZ star Felix van Deventer talks about his horrific fall

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