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As people use smartphones, most of the second smart devices they buy will be “watches”. Similarly, Samsung’s Galaxy and Apple’s iPhone are maximizing their usage by quickly and easily connecting to their smartphones and adding various features, especially those related to health care. There are only a few companies that only produce smartwatches other than smartwatches from smartphone manufacturers, but they are constantly releasing new products with unique designs and specialized functions as weapons. Among them, let’s take a look at the GTS4, the 4th generation model released by Amazfit.


▲ Brief specifications: Smartwatch / AMOLED / 390×450 / 4.44cm (1.75 inch) / 27.7g / [운동] Momentum / Distance / Pace / Active Time / Steps / Walk / Run / Weather / Rower / Elliptical / Swim / Bike / [건강] Heart rate measurement / Blood oxygen level / Calories / Sleep information / Women’s health monitoring / Stress index / [연결] GPS/Bluetooth/v5.0/ [배터리] Capacity: 300mAh / Average Usage: 4-8 days / [기능] Speaker / Microphone / Music control / Call function / Water and dust resistant: 5ATM / More than 150 watch faces / Always-on display (AOD) / Interval training model / Band color: black rubber, white rubber, brown nylon , pink gum

The design of the product box is neat, and you can check the accessories together with the main body of the product in the inner box inside. Simple product user manual is in Korean. Still, it’s nice to see a simple setup and use via an app or YouTube and try using it.

A case for charging Amazfit GTS4 is included, which connects to the charger via a USB Type-A port. In addition, when charging the main body of the product, it can be easily attached and charged magnetically. For usable adapters, a moderate 5V, 1A USB charger should be used.

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The product that has been sponsored through product reviews is a Rosebud Pink product, the body is gold in color and the band comes with a pink rubber strap as standard.

The basic band is a type where the loop in the middle of the band is missing and the opposite band is hidden inside as shown in the figure above.

On the other side of the band, the perforated part is long enough to use enough for an adult’s wrist.

Replacing the main body and band is a quick change method that can be easily removed by placing a lever inside.

The inside of the band is carved so that it does not adhere to the wrist even when sweaty, thus improving wearing comfort.

Various sensors are located on the back of the body and basically measure the oxygen concentration in the blood as does the heart rate sensor. Based on this, you can accurately measure your body condition during fitness or outdoor exercise. The sensor used in Amazfit GTS4 is the “Biotracker 4.0 PPG biometric sensor” and this sensor monitors your blood oxygen saturation, heart rate and stress index 24 hours a day.

In addition, the water resistance is also quite specialized. It has been certified for 5ATM water resistance and provides a heart rate monitoring function when swimming. According to this, it automatically recognizes swimming movements as free swimming and butterfly swimming, and can separately control the amount of exercise according to the stroke method. This part is one step up from the Apple Watch.

The crown part (crown) of the Amazfit GTS4 is well made with remarkable details, and personally, it was the most luxurious part. The material of the product is aluminum. The role of this purpose is to be able to move and select menus, and in real use, it is fun to turn the crown through a tactile response.

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Convenient connection and use via the ZEPPA app

To use Amazfit GTS4, the first thing you need to do is install an app that can connect with this product on your smartphone.

The connection between the smartphone and the Amazfit GTS4 is easily done via Bluetooth pairing. Basically, the product name is searched for in the Bluetooth menu of the smartphone at the start of the product, so the pairing was possible without difficulty.

After pairing in this way, the latest firmware is first automatically found, then the firmware of the smartphone -> Amazfit GTS4 is automatically sent and updated. Like a router, automatically restart Amazfit GTS4 after updating the firmware.

After that, if you enter your body type, the mostly used parts are completed. After that, if you download a watch face you like or download a smartwatch app that can be used with this product, you can use various functions on the Amazfit GTS4.

AOD, fitness, long battery life and elegant design Amazfit GTS4

The biggest drawback I feel while using Galaxy and Apple Watch is frequent charging right away, just when I sleep at home, I have to charge it and use it next month. Of course, these two brands increase their battery life with each generation, but it’s still short. However, in the case of the Amazfit GTS4 model presented in today’s article, the battery life announced by the manufacturer varies from a minimum of 4 days to a maximum of 8 days, maintaining around 40%, so it had excellent autonomy compared to other smartwatches.

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And one of the specifications that has increased from the previous generation is that you can make calls in the case of the previous generation, and it has been improved to make simple communication such as KakaoTalk, so it is quite convenient. This part touched me the most.

There are obviously some downsides. First of all, there are few types of peripherals that can be purchased in the aftermarket, such as films and straps, and there are few apps for smartphones. If the band is changed according to the various life cycles of the user or the dress code to create a different atmosphere, I think it would be better to use it as a dress code as well as a function of the smart watch. In addition to this drawback, the watch face is constantly increasing through the app, and the design satisfaction and functional satisfaction of users is constantly increasing, so it can be seen as a product with a fairly high level of satisfaction. The wide autonomy of the product allows you to use it for a long enough time on a single charge, so considering that it is sold at a less expensive price as a gift to those who want to buy a smartwatch for the first time or for children, it is convenient, I think to be able to give him a good score from the side.



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