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On August 10, the 2022 World 5G Conference co-sponsored by the Heilongjiang Provincial Government, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology was held in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province. The world’s top experts, academicians, representatives of international organizations and entrepreneurs gathered at the conference in an offline + online manner.

As an important international event in the global 5G field, this conference focuses on the theme of “Building a 5G Ecosystem and Promoting Co-creation and Common Benefit”, and closely combines the four major sectors of international cooperation, technology foresight, digital industry, and 5G+ industry application to build a cross-border The bridge of regional industrial cooperation and linkage, fully presenting the 5G vigorous ecology.

5G and Digital Agriculture and Rural Forum, focusing on 5G to help the development of smart agricultural innovation, also invited Tang Ke, director of the Department of Market Economy and Information of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Zhao Chunjiang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Tao Wei, founder and CEO of Borchuang Linkage, etc. A number of guests and business representatives reached a consensus.

With the large-scale commercial use of 5G communication technology, various 5G applications have been popularized in our daily life scenarios. Of course, the digital transformation of agriculture is even more inseparable from the blessing of 5G technology. The development of modernization has a huge driving effect, and agricultural production will also move towards refinement, digitization and intelligence.

Tang Ke said that the role of information and communication technology represented by 5G in promoting the digital transformation of agriculture and empowering rural revitalization is equivalent to adding the wings of technology and informatization to agriculture. Practitioners have clear eyes and ears, and can achieve rural revitalization better and faster. The construction of smart agriculture and digital villages is of great significance and arduous tasks. Standing at a new historical starting point, we must seize the opportunity, be brave in innovation, do a solid job in various tasks, and take practical actions to welcome the victory of the 20th Party Congress.

Zhao Chunjiang pointed out that in developed countries, agricultural robots and unmanned farm technologies have developed rapidly after a series of processes such as aging, reduction of rural labor force, and rapid development of communication technology. From the perspective of field production, highly automated self-driving tractors are required, and people can remotely supervise and supervise agricultural machinery operations. This is a very complex system, involving a lot of key technologies. Importing high-end equipment from abroad, data security and operational security cannot be guaranteed. Previously imported cotton pickers had problems in the supply of spare parts.

In response to the practice of smart agriculture empowered by digital technology, Tao Wei, founder and CEO of Bochuang Linkage, made a keynote report on “5G + Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Helps Accelerate the Development of Smart Agriculture” at the meeting. He mentioned that the key supporting conditions for true smart agriculture in the future are the intelligence of the machine itself plus the application of Internet technology, especially the application of 5G communication technology. The unmanned vehicle system, intelligent control system and multi-sensor fusion of the vehicle itself is an important technical basis for the development of smart agriculture in the future. Of course, it will also involve data and information security issues in the actual operation process.

Tao Wei demonstrated the practical application of the self-propelled cotton harvesting and baling machine jointly developed by Borchuang Linkage and World through video, breaking the high-cost picking mode in the past, and the operation efficiency is equivalent to thousands of labor. Tao Wei said that Bochuang Linkage has made breakthroughs in many key technologies that combine agricultural machinery and agronomy in the cotton production process. It has strong independent innovation capabilities and management and control capabilities. The technology covers the entire production chain. High efficiency, automation and intelligence also ensure the safety of cotton production.

Tao Wei pointed out in the report that Borchuang Linkage uses 5G + intelligent equipment to upgrade agricultural machinery, and combines with the digital agricultural service platform to form a complete solution. The management of agricultural service people-vehicle-operations has been migrated from offline to online, and the manual and inefficient management and control has been transformed into digital and intelligent control, which has greatly improved management efficiency, reduced management costs, and improved the management and efficiency of agricultural service organizations. profitability. To this end, we also actively promote the “Thousand Counties and Ten Thousand Towns Plan”. Through offline promotion and training, we have demonstrated the advantages of intelligent agricultural machinery. More and more “new farmers” have begun to accept and use intelligent agricultural machinery and new operations. method is also promoted.

Facing the prospect of rural revitalization and development, BOChuang will closely follow the call of national policies and respond to the national strategic requirements. While doing a good job in agricultural science and technology services, it will adhere to open innovation, and cooperate with many host manufacturers to jointly create a variety of intelligent and digital agricultural machinery. , to jointly promote the development of 5G+ agricultural industry, ensure food security, improve the modernization level of agriculture and rural areas, and build a new smart agricultural ecology of interconnection of all things.

[Editor in charge: Shu Liang]

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