Skopje delivers another blow as tensions with Bulgarians escalate.

Within days we expect it to be closed and deleted from their Central Register and the club in Ohrid, which is called “Tsar Boris the Third”, announced Viktor Stoyanov

The future of Bulgarian clubs and societies in North Macedonia is at risk. Within days it is possible that the Bulgarian club “Tsar Boris the Third” in Ohrid will also be closed, because “such is the policy of North Macedonia against Bulgaria”.

Viktor Stoyanov, chairman of the “Macedonia” Foundation, stated this to the BNR. The Macedonian authorities closed and deleted from the Central Register the Bulgarian club “Ivan Mihailov” in Bitola. According to the explanation of the rulers in our southwestern neighbor, Ivan Mihailov’s name provokes aggression in the local population because he is perceived as close to the fascist ideology.

“This behavior of Skopje is practically hostile. They want to close all Bulgarian clubs and active societies that develop cultural and educational activities and bring Bulgarians and Macedonians closer together. This is their ultimate goal. Within days we expect it to be closed and deleted from their Central register and the club in Ohrid, which is called “Tsar Boris the Third”, reported Viktor Stoyanov.

According to him, the mayor of Kumanovo recently announced that “it is not good to have a Bulgarian club in Kumanovo”, in connection with an initiative by local Bulgarians to create a cultural society there.

The argument is that the name of Georgi Popov, after whom this club will be named, is unacceptable. Georgi Popov is a little-known Bulgarian from Kumanovo, who spent 10 years in prison during Tito’s time because he was Bulgarian.

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“That is, for those in power in North Macedonia, it is not acceptable for there to be Bulgarians at all. Tricking, they want to enter the European Union, completely erasing the Bulgarian culture and nationality. They work systematically for this with all the levers of the state, using also non-governmental organizations, such as in this way, they want to destroy everything Bulgarian in North Macedonia”, Viktor Stoyanov is categorical.

According to him, one of the reasons for this behavior of the Macedonian authorities is the upcoming election campaign, as the regular elections there are expected to be held in May – June next year.

“We are yet to see more anti-Bulgarian actions, as in this way the government hopes to revitalize itself and regain the lost positions it gained from being in power and from the baseless accusations that it was a “Bulgarian” government.

That is why they close Bulgarian cultural societies. For these actions, North Macedonia will be condemned in the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. The Bulgarian club “Ivan Mihailov” has already taken legal action in Skopje, and when it has exhausted them, it will also take action in the European Court in Strasbourg”, the chairman of the “Macedonia” Foundation further specified.

He also commented on the trend towards emigration of many young people and whole families with a Bulgarian self-awareness from North Macedonia.

“I know many such families, this is harmful for the Bulgarian population in North Macedonia. Many of them go to Sofia or other countries in Western Europe. This means that North Macedonia is becoming de-Bulgarian. This is their goal. Therefore, our country must to create special funds with which to materially support the life and activities of these companies.

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The Bulgarian state can create funds to support Bulgarian media in North Macedonia. The political representation of the Bulgarians there, as it existed until recently, can also be supported. So, our help as a society and a state should be much more active if we want there to be Bulgarians in North Macedonia in 10-15 years, for example,” Victor Stoyanov also commented.

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