“Silent Hill: Ascension Unveils Interactive Streaming Series with Viewer-Influenced Storyline”

The announcement of Silent Hill: Ascension in October 2022, an interactive streaming series of Genvid Entertainment and Konami, caused a stir among fans, but not many details were provided.

Hoy, genvid He broke his silence by giving us not only new details about the series, but also a trailer.

In this series, which will run simultaneously around the world, viewers can help decide the fate of the main characters in Ascension. This means that as the story unfolds, the audience will have a say in who survives the surely horrifying story, who is redeemed or damned for their actions, and who suffers the dire consequences. According to Genvid Entertainment, not even the developers will know the results of the story until it is developed.

Silent Hill: Ascension introduces a host of new characters, monsters, and locations within the Silent Hill universe. Genvid has created a real-time interactive system that allows viewers around the world to decide the fate of these characters within the narrative that the studio has created. Starting in late 2023, fans can tune in to live story moments where every day will be different based on audience interactions.

Silent Hill: Ascension is scheduled to air later this year. If this unique concept has piqued your interest, you can check out the reveal trailer below.

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