Signed MOU for CMO business cooperation with GC Green Cross Binex

From left, Jin-seop Cho, Head of Binex CMO Business Department, Seung-Ho Lim, Vice President of GC Green Cross.

GCGreen cross(413,000 -2.59%)Is Binex(30,050 +19.25%)It was announced on the 8th that it has signed a MOU for cooperation with the consignment production (CMO) business. The two companies plan to continue a comprehensive collaboration in the biopharmaceutical CMO business.

It is explained that the two companies have different CMO-related competencies, which can lead to the creation of synergies through cooperation. GCGreen crossHas strengths in the field of finished pharmaceutical products such as vials and prefilled syringes (PFS), BinexIs recognized for its biopharmaceutical contract development and production (CDMO) capabilities.

GCGreen crossLast year completed the completion of the integrated completion hall and unified the domestic finished production process that had been dispersed. The facility was designed with the CMO quantity in mind along with its own production items from the planning stage, the company said.

BinexHas experience in the development and production of various biopharmaceuticals. It is equipped with a biopharmaceutical production facility (cGMP level) of 12,000L. It is providing overall CDMO services from initial development to clinical drug production and commercial product supply. It is producing a number of biopharmaceutical CDMO contracts including COVID-19 vaccine and antibody treatment.

The agreement is meaningful in that it is a cooperation that can proactively respond to the challenges of biopharmaceutical development, such as securing a production base in a timely manner, and contribute to efficient drug development and commercialization.

Seungho Lim GCGreen cross “The two companies will build a flexible and efficient collaboration system,” the vice president said. Hyukjong Lee Binex The CEO said, “I hope this agreement will become a shared growth model that can utilize the strengths of both companies and complement the infrastructure.”

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Reporter Minsoo Han [email protected]

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