Shinhan Bank expands and reorganizes digital sales department… strengthening non-face-to-face services

Input 2021.02.23 16:09

Shinhan Bank announced on the 23rd that it has expanded its digital sales department to provide a dedicated service to financial consumers who prefer non-face-to-face channels, reaching 750,000 people in nine Seoul regions.

The Digital Sales Department is a digital branch that provides comprehensive consulting services at the same level as face-to-face channels for financial consumers who do not visit the branch directly. It was the first in the banking sector to be established in September last year by combining the strengths of non-face-to-face transactions of Internet banks and providing consulting services through professional staff of traditional banks. In five months after opening in September last year, the number of financial consumers increased by 150%, received by 200%, and credit by 460%.

Shinhan Bank expanded its digital sales department to 39 digital sales departments 1, 2, and 3, and started asset management for 750,000 financial consumers who have not visited branches in nine regional headquarters such as central Seoul, Gangnam, and northern Seoul in the past year. Plan. In the second half of the year, the scope will be expanded to 2.15 million people nationwide, including Busan and Honam.

Shinhan Bank announced that it has deployed digital professional employees with excellent financial and reception consulting capabilities and non-face-to-face sales capabilities to the Digital Sales Department. Based on a thorough analysis of financial consumers, the goal is to provide products and financial information that the consumer needs in a timely manner.

As an extension of that, the MyCare page, a dedicated page for Shinhan Sol, was also established to communicate with financial consumers of the Digital Sales Department. Through this page, financial consumers can use content such as’customized care messages for each user’,’useful financial contents’,’individual recommended products’, and’financial schedules that should not be missed’ and receive consultation from a dedicated staff if necessary.

Shinhan Bank plans to gradually expand the range of services that can be provided to all digital financial consumers starting with the MyCare Page service.


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