Seizure of drugs in a city in Toulon: there was 1.5 kg of coke in stock

Updated on 04/06/2021 at 20:29

Published on 04/06/2021 4:22 PM

Next to the 3.7kg of cannabis, a kilo and a half of cocaine was seized, which is rarer.
(Photo Dominique Leriche)

Seizure of drugs in a city in Toulon: there was 1.5 kg of coke in stock

04/06 at 4:22 p.m.

Update 04/06 at 8:29 p.m.

Seizure rather plump in a Toulon district: when the police raided an apartment in the Pontcarral residence, they got hold of 1.5 kg of cocaine, in a nurse’s apartment.

We know that cocaine is completely trivialized in the trafficking of cities.

The Toulon police officers have just discovered a somewhat insignificant quantity, by flushing out a dealer at the foot of a tower, in the Pontcarral residence.

According to police jargon, the intervention was organized “following surveillance”, leading to the arrest of several suspects, two buyers first, then two sellers and three lookouts who were “placed at the accesses to the city”.

Intervene massively

At first, the quantities of drugs were modest.

But on Friday afternoon, the police were deployed in large numbers, La Bac (Anti-Crime Brigade) being supported by the canine brigade, the BST (Specialized Field Brigade), the GSP (Proximity Security Group). About thirty police officers were mobilized to intervene massively, in a district where “the traffic tends to increase”, notes an observer.

By following the trail of a fugitive, the Toulon police officers identified an apartment that could have served as a rear base for the network. The stups dog helped find the right door.

This is where the seizures jumped: 1.5kg of cocaine, 3.7kg of cannabis resin and 7,800 euros in cash.

“In the logistics of the network”

The drug was very carefully packaged, in small doses ready for sale. Cocaine on the one hand, cannabis on the other. Stored, not even hidden, in the bedroom of a 17-year-old girl, also arrested.

This apartment was “certainly a pillar of traffic in the city, confides a police source. Its location is really of interest, because it is the logistics of the network that is impacted. The accommodation was found thanks to the dog and thanks to field observations. “

For traffickers, the loss of turnover is around 100,000 euros on resale, just for cocaine.

Suspects first released

Among those arrested, there was only one adult, a 19-year-old man, placed under judicial supervision.

Being minors, the other suspects had to be presented to a juvenile judge – but there is no permanence on weekends in the jurisdiction of Toulon.

In the meantime they were therefore released, to be reconvened on Wednesday, with a view to indictment.

According to our information, the underage girl was arrested again on Tuesday, after being seen selling cocaine. Still in the city of Pontcarral. Tuesday evening, she was in police custody.

1. Legal proceedings have not been characterized against the three lookouts. The two buyers were fined (fine of 200 euros).


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  3. Seizure of drugs in a city in Toulon: there was 1.5 kg of coke in stock

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