Satellite Image Shows Alps Changing Color from Snow White to Green, What Causes It? Researchers are currently concerned about snow in Alps which is slowly disappearing. Satellite image shows the mountains changing color from snow white to a plain of greenery.

Reported from GizmodoThursday (2/6/2022), global warming indicated to be the main cause of the greenery of the Alps which is slowly decreasing snow cover, and increasing greenery there.

“When the snow and ice recedes, vegetation (greenery) develops, and that’s what we call greenery,” said Antoine Guisan, a Professor of Ecology and Evolution at the University of Lausanne.

Guisan is also known to be one of the authors or researchers involved in this study.

Meanwhile, the leader in the research is Assistant Professor at the University of Basel, Sabine Rumpf.

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Data proof satellite image greenery in the Alps

The research team of the study that demonstrated Green Alps explained that the conclusion about snow in the mountains that gradually diminished and was replaced with green plants, was not without strong evidence.

They have been collecting satellite imagery captured from the Alps from 1984 to 2021.

They analyzed pixel-by-pixel satellite imagery to get an idea of ​​how vegetation and snow cover is Alps can change.

“For the millions of pixels we have in relation to the Alps, we run a pixel-by-pixel analysis, and this analysis can show an increase, no trend or decrease,” explains Guisan.

However, the research team did not look at all the satellite imagery of the Alps in 12 months or a year, but only data from June to September each year.

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