San Vicente de Tagua Tagua faces the coronavirus with a hospital that can treat between 5 to 8 people

This Friday the quarantine began in San Vicente de Tagua Tagua and apparently the decision of the Government was taken with conformity by its inhabitants, at least by its mayor itself.

He mayor of the commune, Jaime González, He said that the measure “is a very necessary help to be able to stop the level of contagion in the commune.”

The communal chief explained that the conglomerations of people are concentrated in the urban sector of the city, where there is a supermarket, pharmacy and various services.

“Our commune is very special, there is a very large floating population of nearby communes, because we have all the services of all kinds,” he said.

But without a doubt what worries is the attention of the hospital. According to Chilevisión News, the local authority assured that the figures in San Vicente de Tagua Tagua are increasing and the problem is that they only have “one hospital with a very limited capacity, five or eight people could be in treatment.”

So far, patients at risk have been referred to the Rengo Hospital or the Rancagua Hospital. Even so, González confirmed that “for us the issue of transferring patients has been very complex.”

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