Samsung Galaxy S21 5G smartphone

Images leaked of the Samsung Galaxy S21 expected in early 2021. This 5G phone gets a renewed triple camera and a 6.2 “flat AMOLED screen.

Samsung introduces new top models within its Galaxy smartphone line-up twice a year. The S-series models will be introduced around February, this year consisting of the Galaxy S20, S20 Plus in S20 Ultra. The new Note models will be announced in the second half of the year, which has resulted in the Galaxy Note 20 in Note 20 Ultra. All mentioned devices are 5G phones. Although it will take until January / February 2021 before the Samsung Galaxy S21 series is expected, the first images of the device have already appeared online.

The product renders of the Samsung Galaxy S21 were published today via the Twitter channel of Steve McFly, aka OnLeaks, and are believed to be based on official CAD drawings. It concerns the base model of the S-series expected next year, so not the Galaxy S21 Plus or the S21 Ultra. The Galaxy S21 Fan Edition is not expected until later in the year, just like the S20 FE was also only introduced last month – as a replacement for the S10 Lite.

In contrast to the Plus and Ultra model, the basic version is equipped with a flat display. The front also shows a lot of similarities with the current S20. Samsung does seem to make the hole punch camera slightly smaller, making it even less noticeable. The location of the selfie camera remains unchanged: at the top in the middle.

Galaxy S21 with renewed triple camera

The Samsung S21 will probably be equipped with a 6.2-inch QHD + display. It is a Dynamic AMOLED display with a 120 Hertz refresh rate – nothing new so far compared to the current model. At the rear, however, a number of changes have been made, with the camera system being the most striking change. This will be redesigned, around the triple camera system a design piping has been applied that extends to the side of the device. This piping also ensures that the lenses protrude less far from the housing. A round flash has been installed right next to the cameras.

Samsung has again opted for the Galaxy S21 to place the triple camera in the top left corner. My personal preference is still for a camera system that is placed in the middle of the housing, so that you are much less likely to accidentally put your finger in front of the lens while shooting. Due to the limited space in the housing of a phone, however, it is easier for manufacturers to choose one of the corners, with most brands now opting for the top left corner.

Unfortunately, no further details are known about the camera system. Last month, LetsGoDigital already reported about an ISOCell Vizion 3D ToF sensor, which is likely to S21 camera will be deployed. Such a 3D depth camera could be used both at the front – for 3D face detection – and at the back – for making depth calculations.

With the Note 20 series, Samsung has chosen to provide the basic model with a plastic housing, while the Ultra model has a more luxurious glass back. It is possible that this trend will continue with the new S-series models, in that case it is likely that only the S21 Plus and the S21 Ultra will have a glass housing.

Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung S21 comes with charger

As for the charger, for now there seems to be good news for Samsung Galaxy enthusiasts. Where Apple has decided, “for the environment”, the new iPhone 12 models without a charger or earpods, Samsung will not follow this trend for the time being.

Via social media, the Korean manufacturer lashed out at Apple’s decision. Unfortunately, this does not guarantee the distant future, but with the Samsung Galaxy S21 we expect to find a charger in the sales box in any case.

Speaking of charging, if we are to believe the rumors, Samsung will once again improve the fast charging technology. There is talk of a maximum charging power of 65 Watt. That would match the already available Oppo Find X2 (Pro), of Oppo Reno 4 (Pro) and the recently introduced OnePlus 8T.

For Samsung, 65W would be a huge advance, both the S20 and S20 + support wired charging up to 25 Watts. And while the S20 Ultra supports 45 Watt Super Fast Charging 2.0, a slower 25 Watt adapter is included in the box.

The question remains whether the 65W charging technology will only be made available for the Galaxy S21 Ultra, or whether the basic and Plus model will also benefit from this speed. In the coming months, more will undoubtedly become known about the Samsung S-series 2021 models.

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